As part of the Asutifi North District Assembly initiative to ensure proper sanitation in the district, the Assembly organized a massive clean-up exercise on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. The exercise, which started at 6:00 am throughout the principal streets of Kenyasi No. 1 and No.2, lasted for almost five hours with all shops closed to pave way for successful clean-up exercise.

Participants included staff of the Assembly, personnel from the various security agencies, staff from the District Education Directorate, Chiefs, Residents and Traders. Participants swept the principal surroundings and distilled choked gutters at Kenyasi township. 

The District Chief Executive, Hon. Anthony Mensah, addressing the gathering after the exercise mentioned that, the Assembly will ensure it becomes a regular activity to be observed last Tuesday of every month in order to promote proper sanitation district wide.

He thanked the gathering for taking part in the clean-up exercise and encouraged every resident of Kenyasi to fully participate in subsequent exercises to help reduce the incidence of sanitation diseases such as cholera, malaria and other related illness.