Asutifi North District Assembly has used network development and alliances over the years to advocate for the District residents to have access to basic services for sanitation and hygiene, safe water, and basic sanitation.

As a result, the WASH Desk’s week-long campaign on water culminated with an event in Kenyasi Market in honor of 2023 World Water Day. Every year, World Water Day is observed to promote sustainable water management and improve public awareness of the value of freshwater.

The desk went out into the community to speak with locals about the necessity of changing how they use, consume, and manage water in their own lives, in keeping with the year’s theme of “Accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crises.” additionally, to register for the WASH network.

Residents had a forum to air their complaints and ask questions about WASH services in the area during the engagement at Kenyasi Market, where they also got answers. The ANAM WASH Desk was able to learn important comments and ideas from the community through this discussion, which will guide future interventions and actions aimed at enhancing access to WASH services in the Asutifi North District.

Wofa Atta stated, “Most of our water bodies that existed in this area many years ago have vanished, with the remaining ones disappearing as a result of human activities.”

“The Assembly is committed and working to solve all access to water challenges,” said District Planning Officer Bismark Kyere Asante, reiterating the Assembly’s commitment to improving WASH services. “As we make these commitments, it’s also important to inspire the people of this district to contribute their fair share to maintaining the overall gains,” added Bismark.

The campaign, which kicked off on March 19 and came to a head on March 23, involved the team, which included the District SHEP coordinator, an information officer, assembly staff, members of the Core group, and WASH Desk officers, visiting hospitals, schools, and markets throughout the district.