BACKGROUND The section 3, 4, (c) and (d) of Local Governance Act 2016, Act 931, indicates that, there shall be Area Councils, and (d) Unit Committees within the area of authority of every District Assembly which shall ensure that, governance is brought close to the people and more so promote participatory governance.

In view of the above, the Asutifi North District Assembly as part of its efforts in strengthening the District Substructure and promoting participatory decision making and implementation at all levels of the decentralization process, held a stakeholder consultative meeting on Tuesday, 30th November, 2021 at Kenyasi No.1.

Among the Area Council’s Stakeholders who were present at the consultative meeting were; • The president of the Kenyasi No.1 Traditional Council • All Assembly and Unit Committee members of the Kenyasi No.1 Area Council • Heads of Departments of Asutifi North District Assembly • The Local Council of Churches • The Chief Imam • Executives of Commercial Transport Operators • Executives of Pragyia Riders Association • Market Queens • The Station Officer, Ghana Police Service • Concern Youth of Kenyasi No.1

INTRODUCTION OF HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS/ AREA COUNCIL MEMBERS TO STAKEHOLDERS : Heads of Departments and Area council members were introduced to Nananom by the District Finance Officer, Mr. Martin Teye Mensah. He Stressed on how the above mentioned stakeholders have been instrumental. In the day to day running of the Assembly and requested for the Commitment, support and collaboration of Nananom and various stakeholders in the decentralization process.

INTRODUCTION OF NEW STAFFS : The District Finance Officer, Mr. Martin Teye Mensah in his remarks introduced the newly posted staffs in the Assembly to Nananom.

PRESENTATION/ADDRESS BY DISTRICT FINANCE OFFICER The District Finance Officer, Mr. Martin Teye Mensah in his address during the Consultative meeting indicated that the purpose of the consultative meeting was to ; • Explain Government Programs and Policies to the various stakes in the council • Explain the various roles and responsibilities each stakeholders is expected to play • Recommendation for adapting street naming policy in the district • Planting of trees in an effort to preserve and protect the District’s environment at large • Seek for the support of Nananom and other stakeholders in the implementation of government programs and policies • Provide a platform for an open forum to elicit views and contributions, recommendations for onward submission through the subcommittees to the general Assembly for decision making.

CEDED REVENUE ITEMS: The District Finance Officer indicated that, in the bid to resource the District Substructures to make its operations more effective, the Assembly took the efforts to cede additional Twenty-Seven (27) Revenue items through the 2020 Fee Fixing resolution.

Among the items that had been ceded to the Substructures included Basic rates, Property rates, and burial permit and many others. He admonished various stakeholders to co-operate with Revenue collectors when they embark field duty.

OPEN FORUM There was an open forum to elicit views comments, questions, and contributions of various stakeholders. Among the issues that were raised and addressed were • Public Accountability of Area Council Funds • Provision of Information van for public sensitization • Receipt for all expenses • Office for Area Council • Removal of unauthorized Stores • Improving street lighting to reduce crime • Engagement of Nananom on the approval of the ceded items • Generating revenue from burial permit • Empowering the Area Council to work effectively


REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT OF KENYASI NO.1 The president of the Kenyasi No.1 Council expressed his gratitude to the Assembly for organizing such consultative meeting and added that, it had been quite educative and interactive and more of such meetings should be organized more often.

REMARKS BY THE DISTRICT FINANCE OFFICER: In his final remarks, He thanked Nananom and all the Stakeholders for their immense contributions during the consultative meeting And added that, more of such meeting will be organized. He further requested for maximum participation of all stakeholders in the decentralization process in the sub districts.

CONCLUSION The stakeholder consultative meeting was very successful because it had enlightened most people to get better appreciation of the mandate, operations and activities of the Assembly and the Area Councils which will in turn make the work of revenue collection easy. The meeting came to a close at 1:35pm.


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