Launch of the Wash-In-Church campaign by ANAM Wash Desk

Mr. Bismark Asante, the District planning officer, and representatives from the ANAM WASH Desk paid visits to a few churches in the Asutifi North District of Kenya on November 20 and 27, 2022, to talk with churchgoers about the importance of supporting the promotion of widespread access to sustainable clean water, essential sanitation, and hygiene services.

This is a component of the Desk’s greater mission to strengthen the relationships amongst important local stakeholders so that they can function as a network. The ANAM WASH Desk was established as part of the ANAM Initiative to hear complaints from stakeholders, comprehend their issues, and transmit them to the proper partners and authorities for resolution.

Charles Elipklim Nustuakor, the WASH Desk Officer, notes that the purpose of this is primarily to inform residents of Kenyasi Nos. 1 and 2 about the ANAM WASH Initiative’s operations and the part they may play by joining the ANAM WASH network.

Members of this network are tasked with supporting WASH and related initiatives, urging authorities to provide improved WASH services, and involving others in their communities to alter attitudes and affect behaviour.

The Christ Apostolic Church, the Anglican Church, the Church of Pentecost, and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana were among the places of worship visited.

The WASH Desk Officer continued by saying that the team would keep going to additional churches, including mosques and Christmas conventions, in both urban and rural parts of the District.