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The meeting was held on 20th April 2021 at the Presbyterian Church premise in Kenyasi No.1 with the theme: ” STRONGER  TOGETHER ;ENSURING OUR SUSTAINABLE FURTURE”

A welcome address was taken by the Kenyasi for Development Association Chairman Nana Agyemang.

He welcome Nananom, Member  of Parliament ,Hon. Patrick Banor, the Regional Director of Ahafo Region, the District Chief Executive and the representative of various departments.

He gave the history about the Ahafo Development Association the commitment for the association. He mention some few personalities who in their tremendous ways helped in cash and in kind for the association activities. He elaborated on the agenda of the town hall meeting thus,

  • Road in Kenyasi-Hweidiem, Ntotroso, Kenyasi.
  • Update on UENR campus
  • Update on police training school and TVET College.
  • Relationship agreement with Newmount  Gold Corps.
  • Employment agreement with Newmount Gold Corps
  • Role of community as a citizen

He thanked all participants for coming.


The Regional Minister’s Representative, the Regional Director of the Ahafo Region, in his speech said “the youth to study and work hard because the Newmount Gold Corp have a high standard working profile so that the youth can meet their standard of work they are doing. He stated that they had meeting with the Newmount Gold Corp to do physical monuments in the communities within their jurisdiction

 He encourage both youth and Nananom to come together so that they join in hands with the Newmount Gold Corps employment category.

The formal Chief Executive, Hon. Eric Addae, stated how the Hwediem – Kenyasi road and town roads started.

The District Chief Executive also updated us on the Hwediem – Kenyasi road, the  town roads and how the contractor left the sit. He stated that they are on re-evaluation stated of the roads.

He said the big challenge for the District now is water. Because of increase in population the pomp use in years back cannot function properly as at now. We are now in partnership with safe water for more water in the district.

The Co-Ordinating Director, Mr. Samuel Badu- Baiden also said the Ahafo Development Association should write Ahafo business document meaning the medium earn development plan for the Ahafo Development Association.

The Member of Parliament Hon. Patrick Banor elaborated on the follow ups on the Kenyasi- Hwiediem, bole holes and the expansion of the rural electrification in the District. He concluded that the Ahafo Development Association should have over site responsibilities of all project in the District.

Representative of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) slated number of programs they have stated to run on the campus. He stated that the university with UN have interest on the campus. They encourage the community for a tremendous effort on the grounds work they have done. They appeal for staff office and accommodation.

The representative of the Kenyasi No.1 chief update the house on public training school and TVET collage by Nana Anim Dankwa, the agenda of the police training collage was to give a challenge of the youth to be employed as police officers. The dormitory block is done it left with administration block. The Kenyasi No.1 chief sat with the various stakeholders for the TVET. The land has been given and all a compensation for the land owners of the He take all stake holders of the successful meeting.

Ntotroso representative, also give an update on Ntotroso collage of nursing. The challenges of the nursing school needs to be fined and accommodation for lectures. But in a consultative meeting, the regional minister and the DCE has gone into consensus that the DCE should make sure the school in fenced. The accreditation board has given the green light for the midwifery course, which will be roll out soon .he drown an attention of the Tano river between Ntotroso and Achriensua.

Role of a community citizen by Kenyasi No.2, Nana Frimpong Abrokwa a representative of Kenyasi No.2 traditional council, he said all they need is support from the youth and the community. He edges the Newmount Gold Corp that two weeks training given to the various community in the Ahafo region does not give an experience in the field of study, they should involve the trainees to have experience in their field of study. He thanked every stake holder on their engagement.


The forum was opened for all questioners

Where all the question were answered and deliberated peacefully


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