No.1 Akura borehole has served as the community’s only supply of convenient and safe water for many years inNo.1 Akura, a small community in the Asutifi North District with roughly 100 residents.

The WASH  desk officer Mr. Chareles Nutsuakor Elikplim paid a visit to No.1 Akura on 20th November 2022 on the pay-as-you-fetch policy implementation.

He indicated that every time the borehole needed maintenance over the years, the community had to rely on the District Assembly. Due to the lengthy bureaucracy, until the problems are rectified, the residents are forced to drink water from a creek that is roughly a mile distant, placing a costly load on the Assembly.

The borehole has been updated by World Vision as part of the ANAM Initiative. However, the locals have been using the Pay as you fetch model with assistance from the WASH Desk to make sure the community can fix it if it malfunctions.

With the help of this technique, it is ensured that small sums of money are obtained each time water is retrieved from the borehole. The water vendor in turn is responsible for a community-based Water and Sanitation Management Team (WSMT). After then, the funds are placed into a bank account. In order to keep funds available to maintain the borehole, this is being done.

There is currently no chance that this borehole may malfunction and become impossible to fix. The cash is on hand. “I think the Assembly can now concentrate its financial resources on more crucial issues,” says Peter Amankonah, a resident of No. 1 Akura.


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